Balwyn Tigers Club Song

Balwyn FC is unique in that it sings two songs after a victory. Players sing the traditional song which has links back to the South Melbourne club song. This is the first song sung by players after a victory. Then the players will sing the Balwyn Tigers Club song.

BFC Historical Song

Cheer cheer the yellow and black

We’ll not give in we’ll always attack

Hold the noble banner high

And shake down the thunder from the sky

Whether odds be great or be small

Balwyn with strength will win over all

While her loyal sons are marching 

Onwards to victory

Balwyn FC Song

Oh we’re from Tigerland

A fighting fury

We’re from Tigerland

In any weather you will see us with a grin

Risking head and shin

If we’re behind then never mind

We’ll fight and fight and win

For we’re from Tigerland

We never weaken til the final siren’s gone

Like the Tiger of old

We’re strong and we’re bold

For we’re from Tiger

Yellow and Black

We’re from Tigerland.